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Las Lajas

A Family Farm, Costa Rica

Rich Aroma  ~  Caramel  ~  Buttery Texture

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Click here to watch a video about the Las Lajas, A Family FarmIn the Central Valley of Costa Rica, on the slopes of the Poas Volcano, is a small family estate that grows the finest organic coffee in the country. Las Lajas is owned and operated by Oscar and Francisca Chacon and their family. Las Lajas has been operated by the Chacon family for more than 80 years, with the third generation of coffee farmers being raised on the farm right now.

Las Lajas, A Family FarmThis farm is located at around 1200 meters elevation, and is one of a small hand full of Certified Organic Coffee farms in Costa Rica. Because of the premium that is paid for coffees from Costa Rica, it is rare to find farmers willing to sacrifice yield to follow organic growing procedures, but the Chaconís have been growing organically for nearly 30 years.

ILas Lajas, A Family Farmn 1980 after the tragic loss of their father due to pesticide caused illness, Oscar and Francisca made the daring decision to do what their hearts told them was best for their family and start growing organically. This decision was a difficult one to make because at the time there was no premium paid for organics, but the concern for their familyís health would not allow the continuing use of chemicals.

Through the years the Chaconís have not only paid attention to responsible growing practices but they have also placed great emphasis on producing a coffee of the highest quality. Recently, their attention to detail and their dedication to properly carrying out the many meticulous steps to producing an amazing tasting coffee have earned them international attention.

Las Lajas, A Family FarmIn 2008 and 2009 the Chaconís submitted their coffees into a competition called Cup of Excellence. In this competition coffees from across Costa Rica are assessed for their cup quality and uniqueness of flavor. The Chaconís placed in the top 25 out of over 600 coffees two years in a row. In addition their coffee was the highest ranked organic coffee in the country.

So please enjoy the fine cup of coffee that the Chacon family has been perfecting for 80 years.

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