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CORAH Growing Group

Hoya Grande, Honduras

Cocoa  ~  Velvet Texture  ~  Sweet Finish

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South of Tegucigalpa, the capitol city of Honduras, up a long dirt road into the mountains surrounding the small village of Hoya Grande you will find the dedicated coffee farmers of the CORAH coffee growing group. Hoya Grande translated means "the large pot", the village is named this because of the unique shape of the valley that it lies within.

CORAH Growing Group of Hoya Grande, Honduras, Hoya Grande Honduras

The Matamoros and Padilla families have been residing in this valley since the late 18th century, and have been actively growing coffee since the 1940ís. Their coffee production became a real business in 1967 when the patriarch of the Matamoros family, Justo, purchased their first de-pulper with the money that he made off of the 5 bags of coffee he had produced the previous year.

Over the years through Justoís vision coffee continued to grow as the source of income for the village, surpassing sugar cane, corn, and beans, to be the direct or indirect source of income for all 200 of the individual families in Hoya Grande.

CORAH Growing Group of Hoya Grande Honduras, Hoya Grande, Honduras

In 2004 with the help of visiting Peace Corp workers Justo formed the CORAH group, which is made up of 50 families whose farms were certified organic and that were consistently producing the best coffees in the village. Loosely translated CORAH stands for Organic Coffee of Hoya Grande.

Ranging in elevation from 3600-5000 feet above sea level in the mountains bordering Honduras and Nicaragua, Hoya Grande is the ideal setting for growing coffee.

This coffee possesses all of the best characteristics that a great coffee from Honduras exhibits, velvet mouth feel, cocoa flavor notes, and lingering sweet aftertaste.

We have been enjoying this coffee off and on for over four years, and it is very exciting to have the opportunity to include this growing group into our One Harvest line of coffees in 2010.

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